The tenacity of God

If you do not believe in nothing else, then believe that if such a being existed, beyond the understanding of mortals, then he is the most persistent being. Anyone else, with such great failures, would have just given up. But maybe, the very fact that this being hasn’t is what makes him God? Or does it? Because where do you draw the line? When do you say, that you have tried, but it is just not possible?

Evolution and God are the main topic of this post and if you are easily offended by either, then please do not continue. This does not concern my belief and nor should it concern yours. This is merely an attempt to subjectively reason with such a being, because everyone else, lives either in fear or spends their life trying to understand the workings of the master.

Drop right back between the Hadeon and Archeozic Eon and you have the beginning. Yes, I realise that is not the very beginning, but it is, in the context of this topic. Because then came the greatest of ideas or the greatest coincidence. Regardless of how events occurred, the joy of witnessing the birth of life would be beyond human recognition. And God stood watching as the blue-green algae and bacteria appeared in the water.

But something was missing. And God worked hard, attempting to make the amazing even more glorious. And if took a few million years to get there.

But the multi-cellular organisms arrived. “Life” as God knew it changed. And everything just changed, everything just evolved. And it kept changing, slowly in the path of time but fast in Gods’ eyes. Everything, everywhere else, just faded into the background. The darkness expanded, folding into crevices of space.

But it would not stop there, because millions of years later, came the Paleozic Era. Plants grew in the lands and life appeared in the water too. Fishes, reptiles and insects were plenty. There was hardly any silence on Earth. It was the brightest planet in the darkest space.

How far could I go? God would think. Can this be made bigger? Can they be made more than life fighting for survival? And the ‘Age of Reptiles’ was born. And the 500 million years of its times, up to the Cenozic Era made God realise, that despite his continual improvement of life. The result will continue to be the same.

Billions of years and everything created would destruct in the end. All those years of life and improving it, and attempting to make it last forever, always resulted in failure. God would start again, but not completely from the beginning. God would change this. God is capable of changing this right? Thus, the K-T extinction would change the world then.

Intelligent life was the highest point, despite Gods’ previous failures. Life would begin here and intelligence would a free gift. The ‘Age of Mammals’ is where we finally arrive and the land would be dominated by large mammals and the seas by primitive whales. Birds flew in the skies and more land mammals appeared. But death followed and no matter how hard God tried, it was inevitable, and everything suddenly seemed out of Gods’ control. Nature took control and shaped things to come. Gods’ challenge would be harder with the self-destruction of nature. God could not control it anymore. God was helpless. But God persisted.

And then close to a million years ago, God finally saw the greatest creation before him. Intelligent man evolved and he would dominate. He would learn to survive, unlike any other species has survived before. He would find a way to tame nature and to tame the other species. God was not only amazed by such a being but completely stupefied in his presence and ability. God could not believe how long it took to get here.  But Gods’ plan, if there ever was one, did never involve such a dominant species. Man spread and evolved further, this was the ultimate being and God had to ensure its survival.

But you can’t still figure it out, can you God? And despite whichever way you look at this, and however much you try, the end is always the same. It always ends in death. And you do not know what else you can do. And nothing is magical anymore. Evolution has ground to a halt. Nothing is amazing you anymore. Everything is just mundane, isn’t it?

And this ultimate life, is heading for the greatest end, isn’t it? The very principle of life, of being spectacular is lost in the crowd, isn’t it? And the rest of universe has changed to, and events that may occur, are no longer in your control are they?

And it is time to stop. It is time to realise, that this persistence is futile. And you haven’t failed! Not even when I laugh at you, questioning you if this is your greatest creation, as I look upon these mortals, shopping in the supermarkets and happy with their reality.  Maybe, after all, we are not the intelligent life you thought we were. But I hope it doesn’t scare them.

Because it does not scare me, knowing that I am not for real. The greatness of life is something else. And you know it too.

“Better is one day in this life than all eternity in the world to come.”


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