Why are so many people afraid?

They are so afraid of answers, of knowledge, and of the truth. They build a cocoon of ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ and couple that with love and family and attempt to lead a life of happiness. However, their fear constantly resurfaces when questions are asked that challenge all their beliefs.

And why are they afraid of dying?

When I ask you this, fear will rise from its hiding, as you ask yourself the same question. It will stand behind you, wrap its arms around you and hold you captive. It will blind your eyes and cover your ears. It will not allow you to understand or seek the answers that you need to set yourself free. And if fears progression is an upside down Bell curve, then it would parallel with your life. It would peak mid-life when you will be afraid of all the things that you think are afraid of. Most of all death, because you know you are close to it.

How afraid are you of losing faith? But so many of your faiths are built on fear! You are constantly required to be afraid of a superior being that you pray to. But that also wishes for your love? How can you love something you fear? And if anything is superior to us, its superiority should be based on love alone and not fear. And you believe this lie, because it is easier to create an illusion of fear than one of love.

But as you read that, you instantly think ‘depression’ and ‘suicidal’, because I am not afraid of dying. And if I am not afraid of dying then I want to die. How did you arrive at that conclusion from what I said?

Death is inevitable and as we continue towards it, it should not be what makes you afraid.

But that doesn’t mean I want to die. And that doesn’t mean I want to believe in something after death either. Even if I were to, then all I have to look forward to is either Heaven or Hell. And in one I supposed to find eternal happiness and pleasure. And in the other there is sorrow and pain. But both of these are based on what I would feel, an emotion or a physical feeling that I would feel. And I know what emotions and physical feelings I desire the most. I know what makes me happy and what makes me sad. And I know what makes me angry and what keeps me calm. And no text of ‘God’ promises to offer this. And even if it should, it will still only promise me one half of it.

Whatever promise of an eternity after death does not interest me the very least. It will not contain anything that brings me happiness and I would be so very unhappy. And instead of having a finite time to bear this pain, I am told, it would be infinite!

But, I asked why do so many people live in fear?

Because I am afraid too!

And you could write a list, many miles long, and I would cross out every one of the ‘fears’ listed because it still may not contain what I fear the most. And this fear has been hiding well. It has masked itself as many things, but I know it has always been close to me. It is the one thing I fear. The one thing I know would drive most others insane. But maybe I too am insane?

And the source of this fear is the knowledge that some of you are happy, with something that I want.

The product of this fear is the prospect, that if I am not going to be happy, then I do not want you to be either!


5 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Why everyone lives in fear? We fear because we don`t know, like walking in darkness. Whatever we are looking at can not be perfectly real. But what is real? and what is unreal. It doesn`t matter whichever comes first. Same story here, what is fear and what is brave, and what is knowing and what is not knowing? We fear because we live, we know so we don`t know.

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